Fair Trade in Palestine

The Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA) launched its first campaign with Palestinian olive oil. The roots of the olive tree spread deep and far into the earth, symbolizing the Palestinian people’s rooted history in this land. Olive farming and olive oil production represent the largest sector of farmed land in Palestine. The olive tree also represents an ancient history for the Palestinian people, dating back thousands of years.

Palestinian olive orchards are nurtured as part of the family, passed down from one generation to another, and represent people’s collective heritage and connection to the land. PFTA is a national union of farming and producing cooperatives, traders, and processors based in Jenin that promotes and supports fair and equitable trading principles. Such principles have been developed locally by PFTA and are compatible with international Fair Trade principles and in sync with Palestinian traditions. Canaan Fair Trade, a Palestinian Fair Trade company, works hand in hand with PFTA to market fairly traded Palestinian products, such as olive oil and honey, abroad. The work of these two entities combined form the Palestine Fair Trade Programme. PFTA also works to recruit other Palestinian firms into the Fair Trade practice.

By Layla A. Kaiksow

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