Basheer Habaybeh
Basheer Habaybeh Sanour


It’s always a nice surprise when you see an identical twin for the first time, you want to ask about the funny situations they’ve been through, and that is exactly the feeling you would have when you walk into Basheer’s olive grove, but multiplied by three. You walk into Basheer’s organic farm to see his identical twin sons picking olives from the same tree like a fully synchronized machine, four hands working in full harmony. But the real surprise is when you see the other two twins, the cute grandsons and the unbelievably adorable granddaughters, all picking olives with their parents and grandfather with laughter filling the mountains mixed with the singing of wild birds.

Basheer, full of joy, talks about how both of the twins, the girls and the boys, are top of their class at school, but comes the olive harvest season, they’re the first to wake up and the last to go home.

Basheer says that ten years ago the harvest season used to be a bleak time, “we have these olives in the family for generations, but working them was unfeasible as the oil price was so low that I started thinking of abandoning the olives”, but now, after he became part of Canaan’s organic and fair trade family, this is not the harvest season anymore, it’s the joyful season, “a blessed tree, putting food on our tables, money in our pockets, and more importantly, allow me to enjoy time with the grandchildren.”

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