14th Jaroah Olive Harvest Festival

Autumn in Palestine is a particularly magical time for all. The harvesting of the olives offers opportunities not just to taste the national delicacies straight from the soil, but also to connect the traditional festivities that celebrate this fruit “Jarou’a”. Canaan celebrated the “Jarou’a” full of the hospitality and spirit of the land and farmers, celebrating life, the soil and human legacy of the Land of Canaan that is rooted in the olive tree.

What was achieved in the 14th Olive Harvest Festival “Jarou’a” has been worked by Canaan. Canaan the idea of the land that has been crafted to the reality of what we witnessed that day. All the farmers, families, friends and partners of Canaan around the globe joined us with joy and cheer, dancing “Dabka” in the music of harvest. Talking over “Musakhan” the meal of the festival. 

“Jarou’a” as the Palestinian tradition was always an event to remember each year for each farmer to conclude their bountiful harvest. At Canaan, “Jarou’a” takes the festival to a different level, as you can feel the hard work of Canaan team and family to bring the products to the final image they are in, and you can see the pride and honor in the faces of the farmers over their contribution to Canaan product. The products that traveled all around the world for over 14 years now, the products that brought global awareness to the Palestinian farmers, their culture and tradition in living with the land.

Canaan brought the concept of fair trade to Palestine, created the support for the farmers, and protected the sustainability of the small scale farming industry. That is what we are celebrating this festive day.

Canaan invites you to join us next year to get the opportunity to share the achievements of a successful harvest and sharing it with the world.

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