Palestinian Entrepreneur Exemplifies Adage That Social Responsibility is Good for Business

June 1, 2010 By Geri Stengel

“Social impact is our entrepreneurship goal and this is also serving us from a business standpoint.”

Need I say more? That’s a nice definition of social enterprise.

The statement above is from Nasser Abufarha, 46, founder of several social enterprises that serve both the farmers of Palestine and those who want to support organic and fair-trade enterprises. In fact, as indicated in the statement above, the growing demand for fair-trade and organic products is part of his business plan.

“The business is based on social-impact goals, not necessarily profit maximizing. However, from the business perspective, much of the interest in our products is coming from socially responsible, environmentally responsible companies and communities,”


“So the more we can demonstrate the social impact of our product, the more valuable and more promoted our products become.”

Blog By: Geri Stengel

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