COVID-19 Update

Dear all our fans and supporters, we at Canaan hope and wish for you to be well and safe during these concerning times. Palestine has taken similar approaches to social distancing and closing down non-essential businesses for the time being. We at Canaan as a food company are committed to continue production of goods while taken extensive precautions within our facility to reduce risk to our employees. We act as a family at Canaan and take the health of our employees as the upmost importance. We have implemented measures since the virus began to penetrate Palestine.

The following procedures have been implemented at the company in addition to breaking up the team in two shifts minimizing personal at the company, and breaking us each shift to work in different production halls. 

For our farmers given the nature of their work are well and safe from corona virus, mostly spending time in the hills and fields. Thankfully this did not occur during the olive season so the majority of farmers have their income already secured for the year. 

First: Social Distancing:

1. No handshake in between employees or to visitors coming to the company.

2. We will not accept tour groups international or local regardless of size with no exceptions. 

3. Closing Canaan showroom until we are through with the crises. 

4. Canceling the daily group breakfast provided by the company. 

5. Canceling the weakly potluck on Thursdays.

6. Canceling the company weekly meeting on Sunday mornings and to be replaced with direct coordination with administration for each section.  

7. Breaks will be adjusted as follows:

a. 10AM and 2pm breaks will be replaced with alternating individual breaks.

b. Lunch break will be at 12:30 for 50min and employees must take their lunch separately and not as groups. 

Second: Sanitation and Hygiene 

1. All employees must wear mask and gloves during work and in production halls regardless of task and with no exceptions. 

2. Masks and gloves must be changed every break and every change from one station to another.

3. Must wash hands with soap and water, and sanitize before entering production hall and after every break or after being in contact with visitors before returning to work. And as a rule, everyone should increase hand washing and must wash when shifting from one activity to another.

4. Sanitize all surfaces in all active production areas before startup and after every break and every two hours by the cleaning crew. All surfaces to be sanitized with chlorine solution. 

5. Sanitizing all door handles in all active production halls every two hours and after every break.

6. Use a paper towel to shut off the faucet and open door handles at the washrooms and throw paper in the trash. 

7. Must sanitize door handles of upstairs offices every two hours and after every visitor that walk in from outside and after every break. 

8. All office employees must sanitize their office surfaces regularly and after working with any papers/documents came from outside the company. Employees must use gloves when handling any documents coming from outside the company. 

9. Every officer who has work outside the company must wear gloves when dealing with any official and unofficial institutions, banks, and suppliers. Employee must change gloves in between places visited. Gloves must be thrown in the trash before you are back in the car and before returning to the company. 

10. Company grounds, entries, loading and unloading, yards must be sprayed with sanitizer daily after closing.

11. Trash pickup must be done daily and trash areas collection areas must be sprayed with sanitizer on a daily basis.

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