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Canaan is expanding in a whole new way. Our mission from the beginning has been to empower the small family farm, make farming viable, regenerate the soil and provide healthy nutritious food for the consumer. We are taking those same principles and making something completely new.

Introducing Canaan Farm, an organic vegetable farm with over 20 crops planted together on the same plot. Using a combination of the historic wisdom of Palestinian agriculture and modern organic practices, we will produce healthy nutritious produce that good for people and the planet.

This farm will be servicing the local communities within Palestine providing fresh organic produce delivered right to their door. Yes, you read that right, we are delivering freshly picked organic vegetables to peoples homes in Palestine.

The vision is to build and service demand for sustainably grown vegetables that are healthy for people and the planet here in Palestine. This is the beginning of the Palestinian organic movement. We are starting out with our own farm owned and operated by Canaan. This will allow us to build the logistics and work out all the details of delivering produce. As we grow, we will connect with vegetable farmers across Palestine to partner with us in supplying people with healthy fresh food.

We are very excited for the launch this June. Stayed tuned for more updates about the farm. If you live in Palestine and want to learn more about getting fresh organic produced delivered to you contact us at 059-730-0628 by phone on WhatsApp or email

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