Abu Majdi
Abu Majdi


Abu Majdi is as old as some of his trees, he planted many when he was a kid, planted much more as a grown man, and even now, with him over 60 years old, every year he plants a new small piece of land with olive trees.

Among the people of his village, he’s known of his deep knowledge of olives and olive oil. His land always produces more than others, his yield is bigger, and olive oil is better in every way. If you ask about the recipe, he answers with simple words, “If you love the trees, they will love you back”. But is it as simple as that?! Behind these few words there’s a lot of hard work, as well as science and experience. Abu Majdi leaves his home every day at 06:00 a.m. to his land, were he works till the afternoon. He applies all organic agriculture practices and as well as everything he learned through the years or got introduced to through the training sessions held by Canaan.

Every year, at season time, “Abu Majdi” uses the returns he makes from selling his amazing olive oil to Canaan to upgrade and expand his farms and the rest goes to support his family for the year to come. This year “Abu Majdi” is not buying new land, he’s building two flats for his children as they’re getting close to marrying age. “Abu Majdi” hopes that his boys will follow his footsteps, and care for the trees that he always loved and in return they loved him back.

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