Abu Fadi Amin
Ameen Hedareyh Alrameh

Canaan Palestine olive oil producer from the village of “Al Rami”


When Abu Fadi was born, his village did not have paved roads. “It was a rainy day, but my father took my mother in a truck and drove on dirt roads so she can deliver me in a hospital.” This was 45 years ago. Today the village has paved roads, electricity, and water pumps but it still has the charms of a mountaintop small village.

Abu Fadi still lives in the same house his parents lived in, with his wife, thirteen children, and two aunts. All thirteen children participate during the olive harvest season. “We love the olive season because we all get together under the olive trees. We take our food and we spend the day from dawn to dusk collecting olives, eating, and singing songs.”

Not certain what the future may bring, the Amin family remains hopeful that the land their ancestors left them will continue to be productive. Abu Fadi continues to expand the land and plant new tree saplings that he receives from Canaan Palestine Tree for Life program. In Abu Fadi’s words, “the land is a sacred gift, and the olive tree is also a sacred tree. My grandfather lived over a 100 years because he ate olive oil and natural food. His body was blessed with the oil of this tree. Regardless of all the challenges, how can I give up on the tree that gives us so much life?”

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