Abu Asim
Abu Asim


Abu Asim is an organic olive farmer, according to him, “the life of a farmer is all about patience. If you are looking for fast gains you will not work the land.” His personal philosophy is that farmers understand the circle of life best because with each season they are reminded of the ever-changing nature of things. “Patience, endurance, and continuity are the three pillars every farmer must learn early on.” As Abu Asim likes to put it.

That kind of commitment is what he expects of Canaan Palestine and that is exactly why he won’t sell his oil to anyone else. “Other people like to buy my oil but I am committed to Canaan because my relationship with them is sustainable. I can count on them every year to buy from me. I make it a point to work with people I trust because I know I do my part and when you trust someone you give them your best.

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