Abu Al Abed
Abu Al Abed


After 25 years in the diaspora, “Abu Al Abed” returned to his home land looking for stability and connectedness to his people. He came back with a wife and seven kids. He started a couple of business ventures, but then he realized that he owns an untapped resource; the land he inherited from his father. He looked into the idea and found out that with US$ 2 for a kilogram of olive oil is not financially viable, so he started looking for new means to make it work, especially that the love he had for the land when he was a child has just gotten reignited in his heart and now he’s going to relentlessly look for a mechanism to make working the land become economically feasible.

The search led him to Canaan, where he fell in love instantly with the business model, and immediately embraced it and joined the Canaan community. 10 years later, he tripped his land, all planted with olive trees, olive oil production is now the main economic activity that supports him and his family. He had all his kids go through school, two finished university, and “Abu Al Abed” couldn’t be happier. One look at him to see a man who loves the land he works which in turn supports the people he loves.

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