2012 Trees For Life Report

The Trees for Life Program, which is implemented by the Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA), provides olive saplings to Palestinian fair-trade and organic farmers. While the program covers the majority of the cost, the farmers pay a symbolic percentage as a demonstration of their commitment. PFT A General Assembly, which is composed of elected representatives of 43 farmers coops, elects a committee of farmers called Trees for Life Committee. This committee is responsible for identifying sapling recipients, distribution, and implementation. The local Trees for Life committee works within the priorities set by PFTA and targets young families, starter farmers, small farmers, women farmers, and farmers who
have recently cultivated lands that have been impacted by the Israeli wall or have been subject to field or tree destruction by the Israeli military. This year “2012” alone more than 10,000 saplings have been distributed to more than 230 farmers in various villages including Alrameh, ‘Anin, Raba, Deir Ballout,
Zbuba, Sanour, Anza, Kferet and other locations.

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